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Wholeheartedly Blessed is a work of the heart.  A precious tiny heart, actually.  As we looked forward with great anticipation to meeting our new baby in October 2016, our 19 week ultrasound revealed two surprises.  First, despite an earlier ultrasound image suggesting otherwise, she was a he! We also soon learned that our precious baby had an underdeveloped heart. Heterotaxy is a complex and serious congenital condition in which Samuel’s heart, stomach, liver, and spleen were found to be affected. For every 1,000,000 babies born, four of them will have Heterotaxy syndrome. Our baby was much more special than we ever imagined.

As evidence of God’s providence and protection mounted and dried our tears, we knew our little family was beginning a divine journey. It was a journey we knew had to be shared.

We hope our journey encourages you as you travel your own life’s journey.